Direct debit

As part of providing better services to you, we’re upgrading our 20-year-old bookings and memberships system. This means we can now make improvements to our swim school that will provide a better customer service to you and your family.

What’s changing and how am I affected?

  • We're getting rid of complicated ‘rollover’ bookings. This means you won’t have to rebook each term and will be enrolled with us until your child no longer requires swimming lessons.

  • We’re simplifying our payment process by moving to Direct Debit. This means you won’t need to contact us each term to pay as once you have filled in a Direct Debit form you’ll be continuously enrolled, until you no longer require swimming lessons. Think of it like a swim membership.

  • No more upfront fees - Direct Debit spreads the costs over the term.

  • Unlimited swimming at our pools – while enrolled with SwimWell your child can enjoy unlimited swimming across all 7 of our Wellington City Council pools.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you back for swimming with us in Term 4.

When can I fill in a Direct Debit form and how do I do this?

From 11 September we’ll send you an email with a Direct Debit form to complete. This will have information about what you need to do and where to send the form. New customers to SwimWell can fill one out from the 24 September.

When are these changes taking place?

These changes are taking place in advance of Term 4. In order to secure your place in a class for Term 4 we do require the form to be completed and sent back to us before 29 September. We’ll provide more details about this in our next update on 11 September.

What happens to my Direct Debit during school holidays and public holidays?
If your child is not enrolled in lessons during the school holidays, or if a class falls on a public holiday, you will not be charged for this lesson and the Direct Debit will automatically reflect this.

Key dates

  • Wednesday 11 September: We’ll email you a Direct Debit form to complete.

  • Sunday 29 September: All Direct Debit forms to be signed and returned to secure your enrolment in Term 4.

  • Monday 14 October: Start of Term 4.

What happens if things change?

• If you decide to change days or times for your lesson please contact your SwimWell team at the pool you use.
• If your child moves up a level during this period, we will contact you during the period between payments closing and general bookings opening. We will wait-list your child for the next level.
• If you decide you do not want to return please let your instructor know, otherwise, your child will be automatically withdrawn.

Frequently asked questions

 I don’t like Direct Debit arrangements, therefore what do I do? / I don’t want to move to Direct Debit.

If you want to continue being a SwimWell customer we do require you to sign a Direct Debit agreement. It is a really simple process to do this and there are a number of benefits.

Do I pay my Direct Debit by credit card, debit card or bank account?

You can choose to pay by credit, debit card or bank account. No AMEX or Diners.

 When are these changes taking place?

Confirmation of enrolments will be from 11 September from then you will be able to complete a Direct Debit form. In order to secure your place in a class for Term 4 we do require the form to be completed and sent back to us before 29 September. We’ll provide more details about this in our next update on 11 Sept.

 When can I fill in a Direct Debit form and how do I do this?

We’ll be sending out communications with a Direct Debit form attached on 11 Sept. This will have the information about what you do and where you send this to be processed.

 When will my first payment come out? (Rollover bookings only)

Monday 14 October.

 Can I choose the day of the week the payment comes out?

No. Direct debits occur on a Monday and fortnightly from then on.

 What if I want to cancel my lessons?

Please give us 3 working days notice in writing before your next Direct Debit payment and we will cancel your place in the programme and your Direct Debit.

NB: Please don’t go to your bank and cancel the Direct Debit – please contact us.

 Can I suspend/take a break?

Yes. All we need is 3 working days notice.

 If I cancel my lessons do I get a refund?


Discretionary cases speak to Team Leader.

 Who is the Direct Debit provider and will my information be safe?

Ezidebit is the provider of the Direct Debit service we are using and they are PCI (Payment Card Industry security standard) compliant.

We’re confident that the changes we’re making will make things easier for you and improve your experience as a SwimWell customer. If you have any questions about this, you can email us or call us on 04 801 4403.

What do I do if I have multiple children attending lessons? Do I complete multiple forms?

You will need to fill in one form per child who is currently enrolled with SwimWell. On your bank statement it will show the multiple payments depending on how many children you are paying for.

What will the reference be for the Direct Debit on my bank statement? (Place this FAQ under the Ezidebit provider one)

If you pay via credit card you will see Ezihealth and if you pay via bank account you will see WCC-Recreation.